Aerosmith - Yo Mamma

I met a little girl who was so high class (totally)
I was as lonely as can be she had a beautiful
She was lonely
She showed me her tattoo it was right there On her breast
Somewhere in a city in the middle of the West

Aerosmith - Won't Let You Down

Wont let you down
This time around
Wont let you down
Wont let you downnnnn

Aerosmith - When I Needed You

When I needed you
To be my girl
When I needed you
To give me a world

Aerosmith - What Kind Of Love Are You On

You say one thing then you do another
You've got it all wrong so you blame it on your mother
You're kickin' the dog cause you can't get the cat
You know it ain't cool but you like it like that

Aerosmith - Wham Bam

I got a hole in my heart
Lord I gotta do some patchin'
Got the seven year itch, girl,
We gotta do some scratchin'